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Hi, my name is Tara and I'm a lash artist.  My lash journey began in 2018, shortly after I moved back to Perth after a decade of living in London.  I wanted to adopt a dog so I began looking on Gumtree.  That's when I spotted Zoe and got in touch with her owner, Gina.  During the adoption process Gina and I became good friends.  She had just closed her lash salon to concentrate on her family.  I was looking for something new and creative to put my passion and energy into.  After Gina put the first set of lashes on me I was hooked! I became fascinated by the artistry and asked Gina to teach me.

Gina was trained in Korea, where eyelash extensions originated.  She has been doing lash extensions for 15+ years.  She taught me 1:1 and has been my mentor and best friend ever since.  I've now been lashing for 3 years and I love it.  In 2021 I moved into a beautiful room inside the Rhiannon Eve Skin Clinic on The Crescent in Midland.  My goal is to make every client feel special and beautiful.

Here is a picture of me and Zoe, because that's where it all began :) 

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